Episode 30: OCD & Intimacy with Sarah Hazelton

This is an enlightening and relatively in-depth conversation with clinical therapist Sarah Hazelton who specializes in OCD among other areas of mental health. We define OCD and the difference between that and anxiety. She talks about how it plays out with intimacy, how to treat it, how to find a qualified therapist to help, and what a person can do if they can’t access a therapist. There is more that had to be cut for time available at patreon.com/whatexcitesus Some can be heard even if you aren’t a member.

Learn more about Sarah at www.hazeltoncounseling.com

The article I reference at the beginning of the episode: How OCD Can Impact Your Sex Life at VeryWellMind.com – https://bit.ly/3RvjA6A

IOCDF.org – the International Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Foundation website is full of great information

Sarah recommends this book for clients:
Relationship OCD: A CBT-Based Guide to Move Beyond Obsessive Doubt, Anxiety, and Fear of Commitment in Romantic Relationships by Sheva Rajaee MFT

And this one for Practitioners:
Sexual Obsessions in Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder: A Step-by-Step, Definitive Guide to Understanding, Diagnosis, and Treatment by Monnica T. Williams, Ph.D., ABPP, and Chad T. Wetterneck, PhD

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