Episode 45: Michelle Renee – Intimacy Guide

Michelle Renee is my guest as we talk about her work as a Surrogate Therapy partner and Professional Cuddler.
We also discuss being trauma-informed and what that means to her. Why she created Soft Cock Week, Responsive Desire, her personal story, and so many other random sex geekery topics.

You can learn more about Michelle at meetmichellerenee.com
or follow on social media as @meetmichellerenee
and take a moment to visit softcockweek.com

Things that came up during our discussion:
Betty Martin’s Wheel of Consent – https://bettymartin.org
Brian Gibney – https://www.briangibney.org/
Cuddlist – https://cuddlist.com/
Embrace Surrogate Partner Resource Group – embracespt.org
Come As You Are is an amazing book by Emily Nagoski – https://www.emilynagoski.com/home
Shameless Sex Podcast – https://www.shamelesssex.com/
Reid Mihalko – Reidaboutsex.com

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