Episode 48: HypnoKink from the Bottom’s Perspective with Panda

Seeming part 3 of a series in HypnoKink, this is a conversation with Panda, the other half of PandaStory.love.

PandaPet (it/they) is a polyamorous pet with a penchant for the use of alliteration. It has been a longstanding member of the New England and DC/NoVa communities, and has taught for a fair number of hypnosis and kink conferences. A tireless volunteer, it has also worked behind the scenes on educational programming at a handful of kink conventions for the past ten years. It co-founded CONsolation (a Discord community that offers kink education) with it’s master HypnoStory and partner Yoshi. Unashamedly itself in all things, it is an advocate for the darklings, pets, age players, neurodivergent, and queerdos of our community.

Frequently the hypnotee or bottom we talk about a lot of things including: What hypnosis feels like,Common Concerns, Phases of Hypnosis, What a pre-talk is, and how it’s different from negotiation, Safety precautions, Agency, Consent violations and so much more. If you are a fan of the podcast episodes that are a couple of folks vibing and having random conversation, I highly encourage you to visit and join (if you aren’t already a member of) the Patreon.

Because Panda and I had the MOST FUN chatting, and it’s a 2.5 hour conversation. Now I will warn there is some craziness that happens during that time, but it is just really fun, and if you want to feel like a fly on the wall this is the place to do it, at patreon.com/whatexcitesus

Please visit: Panda & Hypnpstory’s website: pandastory.love
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