Episode 52: Folklore & Sex Ed with Jeanna Jorgensen

Jeanna Jorgensen is a folklorist and gender studies scholar.
She holds a Ph.D. in Folklore and Gender Studies from Indiana University and has taught at various universities. Jeanna has published numerous academic articles and book chapters on gender and sexuality in folklore, literature, and pop culture. Her current research focuses on ethical non-monogamies and the history of sex education.

Summary: In this episode, Gwyn interviews Jeanna Jorgensen, a folklorist and gender studies scholar, about the intersection of folklore and sex education. Jeanna discusses how folklore influences our understanding of sex and sexuality, and how it shapes our beliefs and attitudes. She also explores the history of sex education and the role of folklore in shaping cultural norms and values. Jeanna emphasizes the importance of understanding folklore in order to challenge and change harmful narratives around sex and sexuality.

Key Takeaways:
Folklore is informally transmitted traditional culture that shapes our beliefs, attitudes, and stereotypes around sex and sexuality. Moral panics and conspiracy theories often target marginalized groups as scapegoats for societal issues.

Sex education has a long history of moral panics and censorship, influenced by figures like Anthony Comstock and the Comstock laws. Fairy tales have been used to perpetuate gender roles and heteronormative ideals, but they can also be reimagined to challenge and subvert these norms.

Folklore and sex education are intertwined, and understanding folklore can help us challenge harmful narratives and promote inclusive and accurate sex education.

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