Episode 53: Tell-All with Blue

This tell all episode is with my friend Blue. We have a fantastic conversation where Blue discusses his sexual journey and preferences, including his experience as a serial monogamist and his exploration of exhibitionism. He talks about the importance of communication in his relationship and how his own sexual practices have positively impacted his connection with his partner. Blue also shares his interest in watching real people in pornography and his desire to be desired. He reflects on his changing body and attraction to his partner over time.

**About The Guest:**
Blue is a middle-aged man who identifies as heterosexual and has been in a long-term relationship with his partner for 13 years. He describes himself as a serial monogamist and is interested in exploring exhibitionism and other aspects of his sexuality.

**Key Takeaways:**
– Blue is a heterosexual man who identifies as a serial monogamist.
– He has been in a long-term relationship with his partner for 13 years and finds their sexual connection to be loving and reaffirming.
– Blue enjoys watching real people in pornography and has explored exhibitionism through sharing pictures and videos with his partner.
– He desires to be desired and finds attraction to be a complex and multi-faceted experience.

**Great Quotes:**
– “Sex now, 13 years into our relationship, is better than it’s ever been.”
– “My desire is to be desired.”
– “I find my wife sexier now than I did in the beginning.”

If you enjoy listening to my Gen Xness, it really shines in this one, I literally say to the max!

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