Episode 54: Body Sex & More with Jennifer Rahner

In this episode, Gwyn interviews Jennifer Rahner, a certified body sex facilitator and sex educator. Jenn shares her journey from working in IT to pursuing her passion for sexual education. She explains the Body Sex experience, as founded by Betty Dodson, which involves a group of vulva owners coming together to explore their bodies, share their experiences, and learn techniques for achieving orgasm.

They discuss the power of body sex in creating a sense of sisterhood and acceptance, and how it can be a transformative experience. She also talks about her plans to expand body sex to include all genders and the importance of inclusive sexual education, as well as facilitating Body Sex online.

About the Guest(s):
Jennifer Rahner is a certified body sex facilitator and sex educator. She offers virtual and in-person classes focused on anatomy, pleasure, and body acceptance. A professional writer for more than two decades, she is passionate about helping people experience more pleasure in their lives – sexual and otherwise. You can learn more at JenniferRahner.com or find her as @geekysexlove

Notable Quotes:
“When somebody gets up the nerve to come and learn from me, it’s a wonderful thing. That first step is the hardest one.” – Jennifer Rahner

“Body sex feels like getting back to our roots and sharing information that is our birthright.” – Jennifer Rahner

“Education is the key to reducing unwanted pregnancies, STI transmission, and sexual assault. We need to normalize conversations about sexuality and provide comprehensive sexual education.” – Jennifer Rahner



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