Episode 55: Ask Auntie Julia’s Connection Camp

Episode Summary:
In this episode, Gwyn Isaacs interviews Julia Sheldon, also known as Auntie Julia or Ask Auntie Julia, about the healthy relating camp for teens that she is creating. They discuss the importance of healthy relationships and how the camp aims to set teenagers up for success in all areas of their lives. Julia shares details about the camp, including the activities, sleeping arrangements, and the focus on experiential learning. They also touch on Julia’s work with adults and how she helps them navigate their relationships. This episode provides valuable insights for both teenagers and adults on how to relate better with others and foster healthier relationships.

About the Guest(s):
Julia Sheldon, also known as Auntie Julia or Ask Auntie Julia, is a sex and relationship educator for teens. She has been working with teenagers for 25 years and has a degree in sexuality, marriage, and family studies from St. Jerome’s University. Julia is the founder and director of Connection Camp, a healthy relating camp for teens. She is passionate about empowering teenagers to have healthy relationships and providing a safe space for them to be themselves.

Key Takeaways:
Connection Camp is a healthy relating camp for teens that aims to set teenagers up to have the kinds of relationships they want in their lives.
The camp provides a safe and inclusive environment where teenagers can openly discuss, learn about, and understand the dynamics of healthy relationships.
The camp focuses on experiential learning, using activities, games, and workshops to teach teenagers about consent, boundaries, emotional regulation, and more.
Julia and her team of staff members, who come from diverse backgrounds, are committed to modeling healthy relationships and providing a supportive and non-judgmental space for teenagers.
The camp offers opportunities for personal growth, self-discovery, and building strong friendships, and aims to empower teenagers to be accountable for their physical, emotional, and mental well-being.

Connection Camp website: connectioncamp.org
Auntie Julia’s website: askauntiejulia.com
Auntie Julia on Instagram: @askauntiejulia
The Emotional Lives of Teenagers by Lisa Damour: book


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